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Seriously Resourceful

Seriously Resourceful brings you lots of educational games, activities and resources which explore all things germs! Use them at home or in school, as a family or with your class, but most importantly have fun learning!

Vicky Dodds

Join Vicky for ideas on how to use computing in the context of teaching about microbiology.

Sarah Eames

Join Sarah from the Primary Science Teaching Trust with CPD for teachers on the theme of Microbiology

Paul Tyler

Join teacher (and ex Biomedical Scientist) Paul Tyler talking about Antibiotic resistance.

I'Ah Donovan-Banfield

With a truly international feel, I'Ah Donovan Banfield, a researcher from Australia talks about being bullied at school, her career and how she is part of the fight against viruses using bacteria as her weapons! A truly inspiring session!


Join us for this fantastic CPD session from e-Bug (operated by Public Health England) on the resources available to teachers around the world on the theme of Microorganisms

Sharon Durant

Get your vocal chords ready to sing all about washing your hands with Primary School teacher Sharon Durant.

Isabel Patterson

Isabel Patterson from Arcinova shows you round the pharmaceutical site and talks about her work on using chemicals to create medicines. A chance to get a sneak peak into the inner workings of a major pharmaceutical company!

Steve Mould

Join science presenter and YouTuber Steve Mould as he explains (simply) for children (and politicians!) what a virus is.

Dr Josh and Pharmacist Alastair Paterson

Join Dr Josh and Alastair, explaining what antibiotics are as well as careers in the NHS, mental health and self care.

Thorrun Govind

Join Thorrun Govind, who is a Community Pharmacists. Along with help from her panda friend she answers your questions on her job as well as explaining why we need to wash our hands and keep everything clean.

Sarah Zaman

Join Sarah Zaman from Computing at Schools for an interactive session to code your own 'Whack a Germ' game. Please note, students will need to be set up in Scratch prior to this session starting.

John Lamb

John Lamb from Computing at Schools delivers this session on using computing to teach microbiology topics


Comic book

A creative writing activity where children can create their very own Beat it! comic book strip.

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Downloadable guides & resources for running the community based hygiene and self-care course Beat the Bugs. Suitable for children of all ages.

Visit e-bug

Virus explanation

Steve Mould explains what a virus is in simple terms. A video for parents, carers or educators to show to children or to watch themselves so that they can support children to understand better.

Watch it!
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Padlet resources

A padlet created for educators, full of valuable links and resources to support with education on microorganisms.

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Floor robot

Lesson Outline for Friendly Bacteria session using a floor robot.

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Beat It! Scratch

Our Seriously Scratch platform allows children to play and create their own Beat it! game. It hekps children of all ages to develop an understanding of basic coding while educating them on the different ways to fight off germs and the right treatments to use.

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Educational resources from Pfizer

Pfizer's 'Superbugs: Join the Fight' Educational Resources available for home learning. Whether you are a teacher or parent, these materials are free for your young learners to use and have been created for 3 different age groups.

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Germ Zapper

Germ Zapper is a great new game by WaterAid aimed at Early Years children. It helps little ones explore the world of germs, where they may be hiding in your house, and why it is important to wash your hands.

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